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Health economics outcomes research

We are passionate about helping clients robustly evaluate and communicate the value of their products.

From HTA-compliant cost-effectiveness and budget impact models to more holistic assessments of the wider value that therapies and other interventions can deliver to health systems and society, we apply scientific rigour to both traditional and innovative perspectives and methods.

Combining deep knowledge with innovation

Our HEOR (health economics outcomes research) team navigates the complexities of generating robust evidence to meet the diverse requirements of payers, HTA (health technology assessments) agencies, healthcare providers, and local prescribers. Our team includes skilled health economists, evidence synthesis specialists, actuaries, and statisticians, who specialise in collating and synthesising clinical and economic evidence to clearly articulate the value a product offers for patients, healthcare systems, and broader society.

We combine our deep knowledge of HTA processes and requirements with an appetite for innovation. Our goal is to enhance the alignment between the valuation of medicines by HTA bodies and governments, and the broader value of health to patients, populations and economies.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach

Working closely with our real-world evidence and market access colleagues, we ensure our guidance is holistic, integrating multiple perspectives for more effective and relevant outcomes. This synergy enhances our ability to deliver impactful solutions that resonate not only with our clients but also with their stakeholders.

We support our clients across the following areas:

Evidence synthesis

  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Network meta-analysis¬†

Economic modelling and data analysis

  • Cost-effectiveness models
  • Budget impact models¬†
  • Disease transmission models
  • Natural history models
  • Statistical analyses¬†

Innovative value-based reimbursement solutions

  • Internal revenue modelling
  • Design, implementation, and administration of innovative reimbursement agreements

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