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LCP exists to help shape a more positive future for our clients, our people and wider society. Enabled by cutting-edge technology and expert analysis, our teams are focused on helping you move forward, achieve the right outcomes and embrace opportunities.

With market-leading capabilities across pensions and financial services, energy, health, and analytics, we help you make the decisions that matter to your business.

Our sectors

Pensions & benefits

The way we work, save and live is changing. Through our expert insights and use of cutting-edge technology, we provide tailored advice to create a sustainable financial future for our clients and members.


Clear, independent investment advice supported by powerful analytics and expertise in global manager research to help you achieve your investment objectives. 

Energy transition

Our mission is to enable a better, faster energy transition for all by supporting the energy sector to drive the transition.


We help general insurers address the big challenges of today, supported by clear, expert advice, deep market insights and advanced analytics.


With our innovative and market leading analytics, we aim to lead the transition of health systems from importers of illness to exporters of health by realigning value between patients, manufacturers of medicines and payers.


The way sports organisations operate is changing. Through our technology and expert knowledge, we help individuals and organisations operating within sport make better decisions, from which players to sign, through to assessing a club’s financial strength and sustainability.

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