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The way sports organisations operate is changing. Through our technology and expert knowledge, we help individuals and organisations operating within sport make better decisions, from which players to sign, through to assessing a club’s financial strength and sustainability.

Our in-house technology experts and advisers present information in a clear, intuitive and engaging way – always with a focus on serving the particular needs of our clients.

We believe in the power of sport to benefit society. We aim to be a significant positive influence on governance standards and financial sustainability within sport, particularly men’s and women’s football.

How we can help

Our in-house team of technology and advisory experts provide a range of services across sport including:


We develop bespoke online tools to assist teams in organising friendly matches and tournaments in an efficient way.

Sport finance and governance

We draw on our extensive experience of carrying out financial strength assessments and contributing to governance structures in other industries.


A data-scouting online platform, developed in partnership with specialist football consultancy, Analytics FC, and used by over 30 men's and women's teams worldwide.

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