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Ashley Mould

Senior Consultant

I help scheme sponsors and trustees navigate the complex and dynamic world of pensions, I have particular expertise in supporting sponsors and trustees in long-term journey planning, funding negotiations, and GMP equalisation.

The part of my job I enjoy the most comes after the actuarial modelling and mathematics have been completed; explaining technical issues in a clear way, empowering my clients to make decisions to meet their objectives.

Away from pensions, I am involved in strategic leadership for our Sport Analytics team. Our team provides fixture planning tools and financial expertise to sports organisations, as well as providing the TransferLab platform (in partnership with Analytics FC) - an advanced online data-scouting platform which is aimed at enhancing the recruitment processes of professional football organisations. I ensure our team produces insightful analytics in a way that ensures more effective decision-making.

I view LCP as our partners, they are friendly and approachable and very accommodating.

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