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John Parnis England


I am a specialist in financial advisory, sustainability and risk management, leveraging my expertise across multiple services areas at LCP. 

I am a Chartered Accountant with the ICAEW by training. Having started off my professional career at another firm, I joined LCP in 2018 to support our fast-growing covenant consulting offering. 
Over the years, I have expanded my role to also collaborate with our sports analytics and energy transition teams, applying my financial advisory expertise to these areas. Common to the projects I add value to is understanding the financial characteristics of a particular organisation and communicating this to stakeholders in an understandable and intuitive way.  
I am deeply passionate about sustainability, both environmental and financial. I support clients in understanding the implications of financial and environmental decisions on an organisation, both now and in the future. I recently obtained the ICAEW's certificate in Sustainability.
I also led the development of Beacon, a tool designed to help clients understand and assess the potential impacts of climate risk on an organisation, integrating this into wider risk assessments.