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Energy transition

We help our clients to invest in and navigate the energy transition.

The transition is complex and diverse, presenting a challenge and opportunity like no other. Decarbonisation, consumer empowerment and technological innovation are fundamentally changing the entire value chain, from the largest generators through to residential demand.

We are unique in the breadth and depth of our expertise. From power market forecasting and power trading operations, through to strategic support, due diligence and deep customer research, we provide market leading data, intelligence, forecasts, advice to support our clients with investment, strategy and business decisions.

Our mission is to enable a better, faster energy transition.

Our consulting, technology and subscription research services cater to a wide range of needs across the energy sector, but all with a common goal: to support clients investing in and navigating the energy transition.

How we can help

We have deep expertise across the full energy value chain and offer support to a diverse range of clients, including power traders, investors, electricity network operators, energy retailers, oil and gas companies, OEMs, technology firms and policy influencers. 

We support the deployment of capital directly into the transition, as well as helping hundreds of companies and decision makers understand how the transition will impact their business. Our research, consulting and technology services provide the quantitative analysis, intelligence and advice to enable our clients to make better strategy, business model and investment decisions in a fast moving sector. 

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