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System flexibility

Flexibility markets

Flexibility is a rapidly growing part of energy systems and is set to play a major role in the energy transition. Advances in technology, data analytics and electricity market regulation are opening a wide array of opportunities across many different value streams. 

We have a unique combination of capabilities to help you develop strategies, business models and partnerships to be successful in these emerging and dynamic flexibility markets in Europe.

We provide support through:

Consulting and advisory support

Our consultancy team can provide expert insight and analysis, built on our flexibility research service and data products to provide bespoke support with grappling with the complexities of evolving flexibility markets. Some of the areas we typically assist clients with include strategic commercial advice, comprehensive market analysis and asset modelling.

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Masterclasses and training

We provide masterclasses and training tailored to the level of knowledge required by your team, ranging from onboarding new colleagues with the fundamentals of flexibility through to advanced courses for practitioners in the flexibility sector.

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Flexibility research service

Our subscription service provides data, analysis and opinion that helps you to identify, understand and harness the growing opportunities presented by the system need for flexibility from generation, storage and demand-side assets.

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FLEXtrack is the platform to track and understand accessible value in European flexibility markets. It allows you to assess the value of flexibility across 25 European markets, with data granularity ranging from weeks to hours.

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STOREcast allows you to access bankable revenue projections and understand the impact of asset parameters on future revenue without delay, to enable site specification, investment analysis and budgeting. 

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Enact™ is the market leading platform for short term power market intelligence. We bring together information on asset behaviour, market conditions, renewable forecasts, imbalance monitoring and live trading prices and surface this data in a uniquely customisable interface to provide users with a single platform for pan-European power market intelligence.

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