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Energy transition


LCP Delta’s consultancy provides clients with the insight, advice and strategic support they need to navigate the energy transition. We are immersed in new energy and the energy transition – it’s our sole focus.

We help by leveraging vast amounts of proprietary data, expert market insights, deep relationships across the energy sector and world class modelling capabilities

At LCP Delta, we offer a range of bespoke energy consulting services designed to help you drive the energy transition forwards. 

As energy markets evolve and become more complex, making informed strategic decisions is more crucial than ever. We support clients making critical decisions in the following teams:

  • Asset investment, strategy or Merger and Acquisition (M&A).
  • Business development/innovation teams.
  • Commercialisation teams.
  • Product and portfolio management teams.
  • Proposition development teams.
  • Trading teams/renewables project developers.
  • Policymakers and influencers.

Business growth advice

We leverage expertise from across LCP Delta to provide strategy advice to clients.

Customer insights

As energy transforms into a service-oriented sector, investment in customer insight is becoming an increasingly important means to drive engagement. Intelligent insights are the key to keep, acquire and grow the value of energy customers in a highly competitive world.

Due diligence

We support investors to create value from investments and divestments in the energy transition using our sector expertise and experience.

Economics, policy and regulatory advice

Our expert team at LCP Delta will be able to help you navigate the complex world of energy policies and regulation; translating complex economic dynamics into actionable insights and helping you identify the challenges and opportunities of the most recent changes in the market.

Revenue forecasting

We support our clients by providing detailed, bankable revenue forecasts across the stack for all asset types, covering wholesale, balancing and ancillary services, as well as network charges and the impacts of location.

Market insights and technology deployment outlook

We offer deep expertise and advice to help major global manufacturers and energy service providers maximise opportunities in the growing low carbon technology markets.

Training and masterclasses

The aim of our training and masterclasses is to help your organisation build the teams you need to achieve your strategic goals – we want to accelerate your people’s development to have a quicker impact on your business.

Whole system modelling

Power systems around the world are responding to decarbonisation and decentralisation. Policy and regulation are evolving to support these over-arching aims, which presents opportunities for those who understand how it will impact their portfolio.

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