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Energy transition

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The energy transition is driving significant change, disruption and opportunities for companies across the energy sector. New technologies, services and business models are emerging to help the demand side decarbonise and become more active participants in the energy system. Power generation is decarbonising and becoming more decentralised. Managing the overall energy system to balance supply and demand is becoming much more complex. 

This is creating huge opportunity for companies to capture value from developing new solutions and services for the energy transition. It also creates risks for some of the more established players needing to adapt their business model or add new capabilities in an increasingly competitive and dynamic landscape. 

We are immersed in new energy and the energy transition – it’s our sole focus. We leverage our deep expertise to provide business growth advice to clients.

We can help you to develop a business growth strategy that takes advantage of the emerging opportunities and that helps you adapt and manage key risks. We work with companies across the energy sector: from startups to established OEMs, energy retailers, energy producers, services providers, investors, developers and government departments. 

We are immersed in the energy transition and bring deep knowledge and robust market insights to enable our clients to make strategic decisions and take action to grow their business. 

Our advice is informing strategies across the energy value chain. From companies reviewing their generation portfolios and activities in the hydrogen sector; companies adding to or expanding their flexibility services provision capabilities; to companies wanting to grow their business to provide low carbon technologies for the demand side (such as EV charging solutions, low carbon heating, energy management, solar PV, energy storage, etc.).   

We provide business growth support in the following areas:

  • Scenario analysis to explore what could happen in the changing world and the implications of different pathways.
  • Analysis and benchmarking of competitors.
  • Forecasting growth of key technologies and markets to identify the best opportunities.
  • Development of go-to market strategies and new business models
  • Analysis and advice on the best route to market or customer.  
  • Identifying and screening partnership opportunities.

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