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Solar & battery

We can support clients to understand the fast-evolving market for Solar & battery and build the best propositions for customers and stakeholders. This includes providing data and insight on how both the residential and C&I markets are evolving, companies who are innovating at the leading edge and the acceleration of self-consumption and its impact on the market. 

We can use our data and expertise to identify partnership opportunities or provide benchmarking and use the information to support company strategies or business planning. This includes using our data to support clients in identifying which market to target and where to play in the value stream. 

The development of the Solar PV markets in Europe will provide growth opportunities for companies offering products, services and electricity to customers. We work with Investors, OEMs, Utilities, Technology companies, project developers and others to support them on how to make the most of these opportunities. Delivery is via our best-in-class Solar PV research service, or bespoke consulting support.

Subscription research - Solar PV Research Service

Our subscription service provides data, analysis, insight and opinion that enable you to identify, understand and harness the growing opportunities in European markets It includes: 

  • Data on Solar PV sales and forecasts to 2030.
  • Access to our SOLARbase tool, to interrogate and segment the forecast numbers.
  • Comprehensive reports on topics shaping the PV market today, such as solar self-consumption.
  • Insight, opinion and commentary from our experts in the Solar PV team.
  • Dedicated contact and ad-hoc support from our service analysts.

Consulting and advisory support

Our consulting support can assist with specific investment decisions and proposition development. We help clients identify which market to target, determine the optimal offering, and identify key competitors. We also offer commercial due diligence. We can answer your questions such as: 

  • What are my competitors doing and who should I partner with?
  • Which market should I target next?
  • What proposition is the right one for you and your customers? 

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