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EV Charging research

Our EV Charging research service helps subscribing companies develop their strategy and activities in the rapidly growing eMobility market. The research provides market-leading insights, data and market intelligence on the European EV charging sector.

Existing clients are at the leading edge of the transition to electric transport and include oil and gas majors, utilities, network companies, car manufacturers and investors. Our research focuses on four pillars of EV charging: Home, Public, Fleets & Smart Charging to provide a full breadth and depth of insight. There are over 100+ reports and datasets available, and insights gathered from over 30,000 EV drivers across Europe.


Our in-depth reports and analysis provide insight and opinion on sector hot topics, helping you get under the skin of the EV charging sector and to understand the ‘so what’s’ for your organisation.

The research:

  • Sizes the European EV charging market: past, present and future. Granular market sizing and forecasts of EV charging infrastructure across home, public and workplace.
  • Defines the EV customer: we survey EV owners across Europe to understand the EV charging products and services they are using at home and on the move.
  • Provides hard-to-get data to inform your decision-making: our programme of data-led insights allows you to access the most comprehensive data available on the European EV charging sector.

Our ongoing research programme is driven by subscriber feedback and typically focuses on questions including: 

  • Where and how are customers charging and how will this evolve?
  • What is the size of the EV charging market and how is it segmented?
  • What are the leading innovations and best practices in EV charging?
  • Where are they being adopted and how quickly?
  • What is the competitor landscape for different markets, roles and segments, and how will this evolve?
  • Where is the value in the market today and how will this change over time?
  • How will EV chargepoint installation grow over the coming decade?
  • How are home charging behaviours evolving?
  • How is the market building EV tariff propositions?
  • What solutions are emerging for commercial customers?
  • What technologies are going to disrupt the growth of public charging?
  • What are the opportunities and emerging business models for electric buses?
  • How is the European eMobility market consolidating?
  • How are EV charging, storage and flexibility products and services competing across Europe?

All service users will receive data, analysis, insight and opinion accessed via our subscriber portal in addition to support from our expert teams. 

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