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Enact™ is the market leading platform for short-term power market intelligence. We bring together the data that energy market participants need to monitor, analyse and trade the short-term power markets.

From supporting intraday power traders across Europe to make better, quicker decisions, through to helping investors and asset owners benchmark the performance of their portfolio and track market trends, Enact™ is the single source for short-term power market intelligence. We bring together information on asset behaviour, market conditions, renewable forecasts, imbalance monitoring and live trading prices and surface this data in a uniquely customisable interface to provide users a single platform for pan European power market intelligence.

How Enact™ can help

Enact™ is a cutting-edge data integration and analytics platform designed for the GB and European short-term power markets. By integrating, cleaning and normalising data across markets and geographies into one space, traders don’t need to worry about data gathering and can focus on what matters.

Enact™ supports power traders 24/7 to navigate the increasingly volatile and interconnected world of short-term power trading. By surfacing data through customisable interfaces, intelligent querying, intuitive visualisations, real-time alerting and live AI-powered forecasts of renewable generation, imbalance and prices, we enable traders to make better, faster decisions. Algorithmic traders can also utilise our API and real-time push service to develop sophisticated models without worrying about data integration or cleaning.

Enact™ also supports investors, asset owners, DNOs and others by providing a layer of transparency over the market. We provide workflows that enable users to monitor key market trends and benchmarking the performance of their assets, including storage-specific workflows and leaderboards to monitor optimiser performance. As Enact™ is also used by traders making real time decisions, we are able to help users fairly compare optimisers and have data-driven conversations when assessing performance.

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Enact™ makes it extremely easy to understand events in, locate and extract data on short-term electricity markets. In particular, Enact™ helps us keep on top of the various fast-evolving routes to earning revenue for technologies that provide flexibility.

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