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We specialise in gathering hard-to-get, commercially relevant market insights and data. By conducting in-depth primary research and regular surveys, we help our clients understand the most important market trends, identify which countries to target, where to play in the value chain and the propositions that will result in maximum customer appeal. 

Our highly segmented, country-specific EV chargepoint data and forecasts (powered by our proprietary model) can be used to assess the Total Addressable Market (TAM) during Commercial Due Diligence assignments. 

Our data, expertise and opinion are used to identify partnership opportunities, conduct competitor benchmarking and support company strategies and business planning.

We support many companies in the EV charging sector including Auto OEMs, Energy Companies, Investors, eMobility Service Providers, Manufacturers, Chargepoint Operators and Policy Makers.

We provide support to clients via:

Consultancy and advisory support

We offer bespoke support tailored to your needs. Our team of experts can help you identify opportunities to grow your business, through investments, developing new products or taking existing products to new markets.

Typical questions we can support with: 

  • What is the EV charging mix today – and in future?
  • Who are the leading players – what is their market share?
  • Which products and services are customers using to charge their EVs?
  • Who should I partner with?
  • Which market should I target?
  • What are my competitors doing?
  • Should we grow organically or inorganically?
  • What are the relevant policies and regulations?

Subscription research - EV Charging Research Service

Our subscription service provides data, forecasts, customer research and opinion on the EV charging market in Europe and the USA. The EVCS is helping subscribers through the provision of new content published monthly and ongoing support from our team of EV analysts. The service is a very cost-effective option for companies with ongoing needs for regular market intelligence. 

Technology and data

CHARGEtrack is the comprehensive benchmarking tool for monitoring European public EV charging tariffs.

CHARGEtrack collects, compares and tracks the tariffs being offered by eMSPs (eMobility Service Providers) and CPOs (Charge Point Operators).

With over 2,900 tariffs being monitored daily, accessed through an intuitive web interface, CHARGEtrack allows you to keep track of price trends and position your tariffs more competitively.

Training and masterclasses

We offer bespoke training and masterclasses to help your team understand the complexities and opportunities within home energy, and understand the policies, players and financing that is unlocking this key market.

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