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Energy transition

Research data

We are famous for our unique datasets and insights which we gain through intimate relationships in all the markets we work within. We source, scrutinise and interpret hard-to-reach data to provide our clients with the insights they need to make critical business decisions.

Since 2004, we have been growing our roots deep within the European energy transition.

We have developed close relationships with research contacts across the market to understand what is really happening at the front line, what is keeping them up at night, and what is their next move. We enrich these proprietary datasets with curated public data and add our own insights to form our research data sets.

This data underpins all the research that we publish at LCP Delta and powers business critical decisions across the industry. Our clients can access the datasets for themselves through reports, interactive dashboards, spreadsheets and our API.

Technology sales forecasts

We have historic and forecast sales data for the technologies at the heart of the energy transition. We curate our forecasts based on industry insights and trends, economic factors and customer sentiments in all our core European markets.

Customer research

Every year we speak to tens of thousands of customers across Europe to understand their habits, perspectives and actions around the energy transition. These insights are imperative for customers to create the right business models for the right technologies in the right markets.

Policies and incentives

The energy transition is still heavily shaped by policies, regulations and other market incentives. This clear understanding of the landscape of drivers and barriers in every country is essential for building a strategy and making future go-to-market decisions.

Company insights, business models and propositions

Our insights give you a 360-degree view on your competitors, including analysis of their business model and go-to-market propositions, how well they are performing, market share analysis and leaderboards of key players. We also maintain a range of specific data sets unique to each sector that really get into the weeds of how that sector is evolving, such as which interoperability standards different companies are using for home energy management and which heat pump manufacturers are using low-GWP refrigerants.

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