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Andy Bradley


I am a Partner at LCP Delta. Drawing upon my extensive background in the downstream energy sector, spanning over 30 years, I have collaborated with various stakeholders, including industry leaders, manufacturers, policy makers, and investors.

My journey into the realm of energy transition commenced in 2010, when I assumed the role of director at Delta-EE. Recognising the potential for reshaping the energy landscape into a more sustainable and forward-looking industry, I sought to depart from the centralised and fossil-based models that characterised the 20th century. My passion was firmly rooted in being a part of the solution to the pressing climate crisis, rather than contributing to the problem. At Delta-EE, I worked closely with prominent innovators across Europe and Japan, facilitating the development of their businesses and the successful launch of customer-centric propositions, thus expediting the energy transition.

My primary focus at LCP Delta revolves around client interaction, encompassing client engagement, account management, product development, and commercial strategy. I maintain a keen interest in continuous improvement, actively seeking feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the team's endeavours, as well as the challenges and opportunities our clients encounter. Given that the energy transition remains in its nascent stages, LCP Delta's overarching mission is to guide its clients towards success, not only for the present but also well into the future, with a vision extending beyond 2040.