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Clear, independent advice that helps general insurers address the big challenges of today, supported by deep market insights and advanced analytics.

Insurance markets are more complex and sophisticated than ever before. Insurers need a deliberate and data-driven strategy to thrive. We provide actuarial, analytics, risk, underwriting strategy and regulatory advice to help our clients understand their exposures, manage risks and make best use of their capital.

We help our clients maintain a competitive edge while ensuring that regulatory requirements are met and their customers are protected.

How we can help

We help our clients to maintain a competitive edge, delivering sustainable underwriting profitability, while ensuring that regulatory requirements are met, and that their customers are protected from unforeseen events.

  • Actuarial: We provide all actuarial support required by general insurers – including reserving, capital modelling and insurance business transfers. We also offer a “full actuarial service” so that firms can relax knowing that all key aspects of their work are in safe hands, including LCP providing the formal Chief Actuary or Head of Actuarial Function role. 
  • Analytics: We fuse deep market insights with advanced analytics, to help support clear data driven strategic decisions. Our multi-award winning analytics platform, InsurSight, is being used to analyse reserves in excess of £150 billion.
  • Risk: We help insurers to adapt and evolve their approach to managing risk in an increasingly interconnected, fast moving and volatile world. Our work ranges from establishing robust risk management frameworks through to deep dives into insurance megatrends such as AI, geopolitical risk and climate change.
  • Underwriting strategy: We help insurers to best deploy, manage and reward their underwriting expertise and available capital by building a strategy linked to their core underwriting competencies.
  • Regulatory advice: We support insurers with meeting their regulatory requirements, including Solvency II. Our approach focuses on the key value to the business, with regulatory compliance often being a natural byproduct of running an effective insurer.
  • Target operating model and resource optimisation: We help insurers to define and deliver their future actuarial, risk, analytics and underwriting operating models, and to support them in transforming to be a modern insurer.

We take the time to understand our clients' business and to be their trusted partner

This enables us to understand where our support fits into our clients' wider strategy and business priorities. We can then take a wider lens – not just pure actuarial, analytics or risk – it’s bringing together these areas to give a strategic whole that helps to meet their goals.

We tailor our services to your specific circumstances. Whether you are looking for a full outsourced actuarial work (including Chief Actuary role), through to a deep dive into a specific area.

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