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Protection & Indemnity clubs

We can help P&I clubs maintain a sustainable competitive edge by deepening their insights into their exposures and claims data and placing these in the context of their members’ evolving needs.

Protection & Indemnity (P&I) clubs are crucial to enabling global trade

To do this effectively they need to understand and price risk accurately across a myriad of different shipping applications and deliver long-term protection and value for members.

Clubs must balance financial strength requirements from rating agencies and regulators with the agility to adapt to rapid geopolitical changes, increasingly complex international legal systems and growing threats from technology and climate change.

We have deep experience in this sector, gained from providing outsourced actuarial function and risk support for major clubs. Speak to us about how we can help you maintain a sustainable competitive edge by deepening your insights into your exposures and claims data and placing these in the context of your members’ evolving needs.

Explore our range of services for P&I clubs

Actuarial function

The actuarial function sits at the heart of the business, providing deep insights on data, quantifying liabilities and risks, informing strategic decisions and proving value-adding challenge.

Capital modelling and validation

Our capital modelling and independent validation helps clients to use their models with greater confidence and to meet regulatory requirements efficiently.

Insurance analytics

We combine our tech skills with deep actuarial and insurance domain knowledge to provide a range of services to insurers.

Insurance market insight

Our market studies provide the most comprehensive tools available to help clients benchmark business performance against their peers.

Part VII and Section 13 transfers

We help clients anticipate key issues, prepare thoroughly for each stage and communicate clearly, ensuring a smooth transfer process.

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We help clients to place reserving at the heart of their strategic decision making, harnessing our award-winning analytics and deep market insight, to help them unlock one of the great untapped sources of value within insurance.

Risk management

We help insurers to better understand, model and manage insurance risks, from establishing robust frameworks to deep dives into megatrends.

Underwriting strategy

No insurance business can succeed without genuine underwriting skill, but the best firms know how to deploy, manage and reward that skill effectively.

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