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Underwriting strategy

No insurance business can succeed without genuine underwriting skill. But the best firms know how to deploy, manage and reward that skill effectively.

Our underwriting strategy frameworks help clients:

  • Build a strategy linked to their core underwriting competencies and making allowance for strategic enablers/blockers.
  • Differentiate between strategic underwriting outperformance, market-following performance, volatility and execution mismatches.
  • Appraise diverse strategic opportunities on an objective, “level playing field” basis.
  • Unlock the value of their data to give new insight and increase conviction in strategic decisions.

We help clients with specific strategic decisions including: 

  • Due diligence to help them assess an acquisition target or Loss Portfolio Transfer (LPT) cedant.
  • Portfolio profitability analysis to identify unexploited pockets of underwriting value and to manage underperforming segments decisively.
  • Portfolio reserving analysis to help prepare a book for a legacy transaction.

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