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Insurance analytics

We are a team of actuaries, data scientists and developers who deliver multi-award winning analytics solutions and support to non-life insurers. This includes our analytics platform InsurSight, which has assessed over £150bn of reserves.

We combine our tech skills with deep actuarial and insurance domain knowledge to provide a range of services to insurers. This includes reserving transformation, technical pricing, claims analytics, data enrichment and supporting upskilling of insurers' own actuarial teams. We work with a modern tech stack including R, Python, C#, SQL, Azure, Git and other DevOps best practice.

How we support non-life insurers

We use our unique combination of deep insurance actuarial domain knowledge, data science and tech expertise to support non-life insurers on a range of analytics projects:

Technical pricing

Our team has extensive experience of technical pricing across both personal lines and specialty insurance. This is from previous roles at insurance companies and a wide range of consulting projects.

Claims analytics

We help insurers bridge the gap between claims and actuarial teams to help them better identify and quantify changes in claims experience. This helps insurers prioritise where improvements to claims management are most needed and to assess whether recent initiatives are having their intended impact.

Upskilling actuarial teams

We help insurers transform how they do actuarial work. Recent examples include upskilling actuarial teams to code in R and Python, embedding our multi-award winning analytics platform InsurSight and using AI to deliver meaningful change in the way they work.

Reserving transformation

We help firms turn their reserving into a source of competitive strength through risk-free and sustainable transformation.

Data enrichment

We combine internal data sources together into a consistent and clean data structure and supplement this with external data sources where necessary.

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