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We place reserving at the heart of our clients' strategic decision making, harnessing our award-winning analytics and deep market insight, to help them unlock one of the great untapped sources of value within insurance.

Reserving is no longer simply about reserve adequacy. An insightful reserving process is central to an effective modern insurer. It provides the first view on your data, highlighting emerging trends and bringing early indications of changes to your risk profile.

Our rapid analytics, including drill-down to sub-segments of a client's portfolio, automatically quantifying the “what ifs”, supported by benchmarking to help them communicate the “so what” to their decision makers.

We provide robust independent challenge of reserves, combined with a collaborative approach and knowledge transfer

We tailor our advice according to our clients' needs. We can help clients: 

  • Transform their internal reserving process to unlock value, through a diagnostics-first modern reserving approach.
  • Gain assurance and a wider perspective via independent reserving review.
  • Better integrate reserving with risk management to account for emerging risks not present in historical data.
  • Capitalise on risk transfer or acquisition opportunities by better understanding the risk/return trade-off within reserves.
  • Undertake “deep dives” into key emerging issues.

Speak to us about turning your reserving process into a sustained source of competitive strength.

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