Clear, impartial investment advice, supported by powerful analytics and expertise in global manager research, that helps clients achieve their investment objectives.

When it comes to investing only one thing is certain – change is constant. No investment strategy should stand still and neither do we.

All investments are ultimately driving progress

Investors need to identify strategies, megatrends and opportunities that meet their financial goals, but also their values and beliefs. Understanding how to do both at the same time can be challenging, but is becoming increasingly necessary, against a backdrop of uncertainty, complexity and change.

We are the largest, owner-managed investment consultancy in the UK and Ireland, offering truly independent advice to a range of global institutional clients. We can help our clients to set effective investment strategies.

  • Our independence is vital to how we operate, as it allows us to give clear, unconflicted recommendations.
  • We use innovative technology developed in-house to help clients make better and quicker decisions.
  • We improve offerings in the market by engaging with investment managers to help improve clients' portfolios.
  • We are leading the way in responsible investment and helping investors focus on driving real world change.
  • We identify megatrends (such as ageing populations and the net zero transition) and help clients make the most of the investment opportunities they offer.

If asked to score LCP between 0-10 for innovation, thought leadership, enjoyment of working with them and overall satisfaction… I would score them a 10 every time.

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