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Zuhair Mohammed

Partner and Head of Investment

I have the pleasure of leading a diverse and talented team of over 150 investment specialists who demonstrated their commitment to clients in the way they handled the infamous UK “mini-budget” in 2022.

I joined LCP having worked in consulting and fiduciary fund management for over three decades. Over that time I have advised pension schemes, insurance companies, charities and endowments on all investment matters and had the pleasure to work with various stakeholders and their in-house teams for some of the best run asset pools.

Creating robust portfolios and maintaining them means looking well beyond the traditional investment silo. Just as important to your assets are timeframes, politics, national demographics, pandemics and climate change; to name but a few. I help my clients plan and I then keep my eyes and ears open for the best opportunities to achieve their goals.

Being a member of The 300 Club, you can be assured that I do not just peddle the usual lines about risk models and asset classes. If you need a fresh perspective on your investment challenges, let’s talk.

With Zuhair you get the practical answer immediately, without having to talk through every theoretical option first.

Stephen Beaven, Pensions Director, The Pearson Pension Plan