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Steve Webb


I started my professional career in the world of think tanks (the Institute for Fiscal Studies) before spending 18 years at Westminster as an MP, including five as Pensions Minister. I find that working at LCP is a great blend of the expertise and analytical skills of the academic world and the applied and practical knowledge needed in the policy world and a highly regulated pensions sector.  

In my role at LCP I spend time helping trustees and providers to understand the changing policy and regulatory landscape to help them make good plans for the future. I also spend time focusing on the end users of pensions - members - commenting extensively in the media, explaining technical pensions issues to a lay audience, and helping to unearth problems in the system. I can then bring the 'member insight' into the work I do with pension schemes.

When we ask LCP for advice we are reassured that they will often come back with more thought provoking ideas and risk strategies for us to consider than just a generic answer thus giving us options and liabilities to walk through.

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