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In the latest edition of Vista, our online investment magazine, our hand-picked articles explore how investors can embrace innovation and opportunity in a changing world to unlock growth for all.

A world in flux - shaping a more positive future

Uncertainty has continued in 2024 with market volatility remaining elevated amidst increasing geopolitical tensions and deglobalisation.

Today, demographics across countries vary significantly which bring different challenges and opportunities depending on the population characteristics and migration trends.

Also, environmental concerns persist, with last year the warmest year on record. It is, therefore, clear that climate change must be a priority with collective action necessary to ensure survival of our planet. A crucial date is 2050, when the UK is committed to meeting net zero targets – in particular, the energy transition will play a role in shaping infrastructure and society. Action must be taken with social justice in mind, economies today remain unequal, and this can exacerbate systemic risks. Responsible investing and new technology should help in tackling some of these issues and indeed there are attractive investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Innovation continues to gain ever increasing speed with AI applications growing and exploration of the final frontier exceeding all expectations. Regulation is important to ensure that change has positive outcomes, with close collaboration across organisations necessary for implementation.

We believe ensuring our businesses and societies are resilient, and adaptable in a changing landscape is important because macro and societal trends impact us all regardless of industry or expertise.

Understanding where the future is taking us will make our economy and society stronger – it is the key to unlocking growth and prosperity.

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