Energy transition

The energy transition is a megatrend that is expected to last decades. It presents a complex landscape and with our advice, backed by dedicated energy expertise, asset owners can reap the benefits of a successful allocation.

LCP Transform supports clients on their journey from baseline education to capital deployment. This unique service leverages the entire energy transition market: generation, storage, networks and demand.

LCP Transform is built around the energy transition megatrend

We help clients via three simple building blocks:

  • Education: A complete understanding of the need for energy transition and the opportunities it presents, as well as the challenges.
  • Strategic advice: An understanding of how the investment market operates, how it fits with existing positions, and where the current opportunities are in the space in the form of a suggested sector allocation.
  • Implementation: Our manager research process directly uses the investment insights that come from our energy transition expertise. We can help clients achieve a fully invested portfolio of energy transition exposures, aligned with their requirements and agreed strategy.

Who can LCP Transform help?

We have taken great care to design a service that helps the widest range of asset owners, including DB pension funds (those still open or in long term run-off), DC default funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, endowments, charities and family offices.

What is the energy transition and why you should invest? 

The energy transition is a collection of activities that will help change how we produce and use energy. With governments around the globe supporting the energy transition, it is a megatrend expected to last well into the 2050s, and one we believe investors cannot afford to miss.

The potential downsides to a failed transition point to cumulative global GDP declines of over a quarter and the effects of climate change on investment portfolios cannot be ignored. 

Investing in the energy transition will not only help reduce that downside risk but will also open up opportunities that provide attractive risk adjusted returns.

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