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Asset transfers

Count on our large, experienced team of experts to make sure our clients' asset transfers are executed to plan, with robust checks and balances at every stage.

Efficient governance

We help clients to make effective decisions and provide solutions that will help them to identify and capture good opportunities quickly.

Energy transition

LCP Transform supports clients on their journey from baseline education to capital deployment. This unique service leverages the entire energy transition market: generation, storage, networks and demand.


We provide expert advice on all aspects of investing in healthcare by combining our investment and health capabilities into a single integrated service, helping investors to access the vast opportunities in this space.

Investment manager research

We provide deep insights, explained in an engaging way, to make sure clients really understand the pros and cons of appointing different managers and select the right one for them.

Investment strategy

We use our cutting-edge technology, deep market insights and a commitment to responsible investment to empower clients to navigate the complexities of today's investment world.

OCIO and fiduciary selection

As the largest independent investment consulting firm in the UK, we help clients get the most out of their fiduciary management or OCIO (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer) arrangements.

Performance monitoring

We focus on monitoring what matters most to our clients, supported by real-time information, on individual portfolio performance, total asset performance, investment managers or asset exposures.

Responsible investment and stewardship

We help clients invest responsibly, exercise their ownership rights through strong stewardship and consider the real-world impact of their decisions.

Risk modelling

Using sophisticated risk modelling tools, we can help clients make sense of investment risk, how it might affect their stakeholders, and compare alternative investment strategies.

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