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Whether you’re making rebalancing, investment or disinvestment decisions, or you need to understand the immediate impact of critical market events on your investments, Monitor can help.

Our interactive technology gives you deep insight into the drivers of change so you can take advantage of opportunities, or take early, corrective action. Our broad suite of metrics, including climate-related exposures, can give you a holistic view of how your investments have changed over your selected timeframe.

How we can help

LCP Monitor is our new approach to performance monitoring which lets you see and analyse your investments, over any time period. It gives you the flexibility to adapt and customise the reporting to suit your needs. With LCP Monitor you can:

  • See real-time risk and return profiles of asset classes and monitor investment manager performance
  • Analyse up-to-date metrics to understand how your assets are performing in real-time
  • View and analyse cashflows and transactions within your portfolio over any time period
  • Use it as an efficient tool to help you make any rebalancing or investment/disinvestment decisions taking into account up to date market conditions
  • Get invaluable insights immediately after critical market events like the US Elections or Covid-19 and understand the impact on your investments
  • Answer questions like, “would we have been better off selecting another fund manager last year?” or “would we have been better off staying with our previous manager?”
  • Evaluate how well your strategy and managers are working so you can take advantage of opportunities, or take early, corrective action if necessary

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