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Pensions & benefits

DC member engagement and communication

Brilliantly simple pension communications designed to help employers engage with their members at every step of their savings journey

We’re a team of experienced consultants and creatives who work together with our technical and IT teams.

Together we find the best way to turn complex pensions topics into engaging, member-focused communications that are designed to meet our clients' goals. We use our innovative technology to provide in-depth insights about members and their behaviours and to develop tailored communications strategies and engaging content.

Every member is different. And so are their wants and needs, which change over time. Our creative, innovative and strategic approach is designed to help clients to meet their challenges by delivering high-impact communications, placing members at the heart of what we deliver. 

Whether employers looking to engage members over the long-term or have a one-off communications challenge, we can help. 

Understanding your members

We use a combination of cutting-edge technology, behavioural science principles and experience to understand members and their needs. 

Developing a solution that delivers clients' objectives

Delivering to client objectives is central to the solutions we develop. We invest time to understand client organisations and schemes, analyse key stakeholders and develop tailored success measures.

Creating the right engagement strategy

We work with our clients to develop a robust communication strategy and tactical plans to achieve their goals and drive member action where it’s needed. Together we agree how much segmentation and personalisation to use, and which media and channels best suit their needs. We use the agreed plans to project manage campaigns to make sure every element is delivered at the right time, to the right members.

Delivering brilliantly simple communications

Whether we’re creating a suite of digital communications, designing a captivating video or delivering a stand-alone communication by print, we place accessibility and inclusivity at the centre of what we deliver. Our communications are designed to make pensions simpler and easier for members to understand.

Measuring the impact

We build in checks that help us make sure client communications meet the needs of their members and achieve what they were designed to do. Our technology allows us to continually measure the impact of campaigns through our bespoke communications dashboards. And importantly, we use what we learn to improve and adapt communications in the future.

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