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Pensions & benefits

Scheme actuary and trustee actuarial services

Tailored and flexible technology-powered actuarial advice to help clients efficiently deliver the best possible outcomes for pension scheme members.

Our diverse group of Scheme Actuaries are trusted advisers to pension schemes of all sizes, from a few hundred members up to the largest in the country.

From funding to member option factors, we seek to understand what clients need to make the best decisions for their circumstances, and then deliver accordingly. We help them focus on the issues that matter by distilling complexity into simple messages, and we give clear and independent advice on how to achieve their goals.

Whether a scheme is in a strong funding position looking to navigate to its endgame in an efficient way, or in more challenged circumstances with complex issues to overcome – as nimble, creative thinkers we have the expertise to find a solution whatever the situation.

We know that each client and their pension scheme is unique. The better we know them, the better the solutions that we will provide. We work out the endgame that is most suitable for a scheme, and the best journey plan to get there, whilst recognising and managing key risks to that journey.

Our flexible approach will ensure a funding strategy that supports a chosen endgame, whether heading for buy-out, actively choosing to run-on or exploring an alternative solution – see how we can help with endgame solutions and journey planning.

We use technology to help clients on that journey efficiently. Our in-house tool Visualise revolutionised how our clients make decisions, bringing them accurate funding information in real time.

Pension schemes do not operate in a silo, and neither do we. Our clients benefit from market-leading longevity insights from our health analytics team and a joined-up approach across covenant, investment, pensions administration and funding.

Our aim is to deliver better outcomes for pension scheme members, trustees, sponsors and society – through our deep, influential, industry connections we are driving positive change, and will ensure clients are kept at the forefront of developments, so they are best-placed to adapt to and benefit from it.

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