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Empowering pension schemes with our strategic approach to data management.

In the rapidly evolving pension landscape, driven by significant risk transaction activity and the need for industry-wide exercises like GMP equalisation and Pensions Dashboard preparation, the demand for high quality data has never been more critical.

Despite this, we recognise that many schemes can struggle to get the resource commitment needed from their existing administrators to ensure this is prioritised.

LCP Data Services stands uniquely positioned to navigate these challenges – free from the constraints that typically accompany Business As Usual (BAU) activities, we are fully dedicated to enhancing our clients' data strategy.

Why choose LCP Data Services? 

LCP’s Data Services team is committed to data excellence and passionate about ensuring better member outcomes.   

Our comprehensive, strategic approach is defined by our wide-ranging expertise. We are a team of actuaries, data specialists, project managers and pension scheme administrators, bringing a fresh perspective to your data needs. We offer bespoke, innovative solutions, delivered by a dedicated project team focused on achieving your scheme's objectives.

We recognise that undertaking data audit and/or rectification projects can be a daunting prospect. We will work with our clients to determine a tailored data strategy, under which data work is prioritised to suit their specific requirements and timescales. 

Our specialised services include:

De-risking readiness and post-transaction cleanse

We guide pension schemes through their data journey on the road to successful risk transfer. Our approach begins with comprehensive data and benefit reviews and continues through cleanse and rectification. We work closely with our market-leading Pension Risk Transfer team, as well as with insurers and industry wide groups such as the Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA) to be certain that our approach manages risk and provides insurers with the data they value.

Benefit rectification

We specialise in all types of benefit rectification projects, including Barber rectification, GMP rectification, and equalisation

Dashboard preparation

Through comprehensive gap analysis and subsequent data cleanse, we ensure your scheme is fully prepared for the Pensions Dashboard era.

We provide data services both where we are existing scheme administrators and where we are brought in as independent specialists.

Tailored to your scheme’s needs

Understanding the unique challenges today’s pension schemes face, we offer customised solutions that address specific needs, from small schemes to complex multi-rectification programmes. We collaborate sensitively with third-party and in-house administrators, scoping our role appropriately, to provide clients with a cohesive approach to achieving their scheme’s objectives.

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