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Governance, secretarial and cyber risk

At LCP, our team of professional scheme secretaries, governance specialists and project managers have an impressive breadth of experience in all aspects of pension scheme management. We are passionate about helping trustee boards ensure their schemes are as well run as possible, and we add value by using our experience to bring fresh insights.

The services we provide include trustee secretariat support, expert governance advice and project management support. 

Our clients benefit from our pragmatic approach, ensuring strategic objectives are met and their pension scheme is managed proportionately and efficiently. We get things done. 

They see us as a valued part of their team and an extension of the Trustee Board. 

Our independent viewpoint and broad expertise put us at the forefront of good governance. Our aim is to make good governance accessible to all pension schemes, regardless of available resources and budgets.

We provide a wide range of services, including: 

  • Trustee Secretary and Trustee Executive 
  • Outsourced Pensions Manager
  • Trustee training
  • Administrator reviews
  • Professional Trustee selection
  • Project management 
  • Board effectiveness reviews
  • Risk management 
  • Cyber resilience 

Many aspects of pension scheme management are required at the same time, so our expert team is well positioned to advise on a range of areas.

We pride ourselves in taking time to understand our clients and their ways of working. This means that our clients see us as their go-to trusted adviser in all aspects of scheme management and thought leadership. 

For example, we are leading the industry’s thinking on the Regulator’s General Code of Practice. We have published a Guide to the ESOG, authored PLSA’s ‘Made Simple’ guide to Own Risk Assessments, and delivered various related webinars to the industry. We can help with all aspects of General Code compliance, including establishing an ESOG and completing a first ORA.

Similarly, we also help clients with cyber incident scenario planning. These thought-provoking sessions help clients understand how they would need to react in the event of a cyber incident.

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