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Pensions & benefits

DC corporate consulting

We provide advice to sponsors on all aspects of setting up and managing their DC pension provision. We use our expertise from our 50 strong team to get best value from the products and services available in the market.

We are the largest independent consultancy, which allows us to give sponsors the best advice and recommendations across the whole market as we have no products to promote.

We leverage our relationships with providers and use our market insight to make sure you continue to offer a robust solution that members value and that helps enhance member outcomes.

Our experienced DC Practice helps you get the most out of your arrangement(s) so that you get maximum value for both you and your members. We have unparalleled experience through advising over 200 clients, across c£28bn of total DC assets. We are flexible in our approach on the level of support we provide, adapting to your needs and requirements.

Provider reviews, harmonisation and selection / transition advice

We will help you review and source the best offering in the market, taking account of your key objectives and members’ needs. Our advice is underpinned by robust analysis using our in-house DC research, enabling us to advise the best parties to approach to meet your objectives and using our market knowledge and relationships to negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

Benefit design, contribution analysis and benchmarking

We will help you understand how the design of your DC scheme compares to key competitors and/or similar sectors, informed by industry standards such as the PSLA Retirement Living Standards, so that you can put in place a pension contribution design structure that positions you in line with your objectives.

Ongoing governance and provider monitoring, leveraging our provider research and market insight

We will monitor all aspects of your pension providers proposition and support via our DC Dashboard, including administration services, communications and engagement and the success of any campaigns, as well as behaviour at retirement. We will work collaboratively with you and your pension provider, using our influence to gain maximum value for the benefit of members.

Ongoing, up-to-date investment monitoring

We will keep you up-to-date with how your members investments are performing and the impact that markets have had on the default investment strategy using Monitor. This provides real time performance monitoring in governance meetings, over the short, medium and long term, enabling you to fully monitor and understand the impact on member outcomes.

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