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Pensions & benefits

Employee health and insurance benefits

We offer clear, independent expert advice as well as broking and administration support for employers managing their employee insurance benefit arrangements.

We assist employers in all areas connected with:  

  • group life assurance / death in service / excepted life
  • disability benefits such as group income protection / PHI or critical illness insurance
  • healthcare such as private medical insurance, dental insurance or cash plans
  • wellbeing services such as employee assistance programmes (EAP) and virtual GP services.

We help employers in a wide range of circumstances and scenarios, ranging from large multinational employer arrangements to executive only schemes. 

Employee health and insurance benefits at LCP

Our blend of technical knowledge, experience and innovative thinking help employers operate effective and efficient benefit arrangements.

We understand the details and make sure that arrangements work in the big picture – we strive to design, implement and administer solutions that best meet employer objectives and preferences rather than just selling insurer off-the-shelf solutions.

Our integrated team approach helps ensure that each employer’s objectives and preferences are carried though into the day-to-day administration of the arrangements. 

We arrange insurance with all broker commission sacrificed or rebated so that the premiums are reduced by the corresponding amount, and we receive no hidden fees or incentives from potential insurers, so you can be confident that our advice remains independent.

We regularly secure savings for our clients from our negotiation and broking of arrangements. Just as importantly, we consider the finer details of the cover and process that can make a significant difference to future claims, reduce the risk of uninsured liability, and keep administration for the employer simple.

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