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Mary Spencer


I am a lead investment adviser, journey planning and risk management specialist and LCP podcast co-host.

Before they make any big investment decisions, I help my clients really get to grips with their own objectives and the key risks they face. After all, they’re putting in place long term plans to ensure the success of the scheme. From the point that these building blocks have been put in place, all decision making can be more focussed and effective. I make discussions interactive and inclusive, so everyone is involved and all voices are heard. This gives my clients real ownership on the decisions they take; with comfort all steps are consistent with those longer-term aims.

I lead LCP’s approach to integrated risk management and my belief is this process doesn’t have to be boring! I’ve developed LCP’s tools that help trustees breathe life into the way they think about their pension scheme risks.

I also co-host LCP’s investment podcast, Investment Uncut. Each week, we cut through the noise when it comes to investing, breaking down investment themes, questioning the theory and bringing clarity to our listeners.

Mary is a pleasure to work with. She is always well informed, understands the trustee’s needs, and provides clear and concise advice.

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