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Energy transition

Flexibility research

Flexibility is critical in enabling the energy transition. Our research service helps you make strategic and tactical decisions on how to best develop your activities across the flexibility value chain. 

As market accessibility expands, the value potential for a range of assets is increasing from domestic batteries, electric vehicles and HVAC to industrial storage, generators and commercial buildings. Our research and market data helps aggregators, retailers, product manufacturers and investors understand how these assets can participate to develop revenue models, evolve their strategies and tactics, and identify and capture market opportunities.

Our Flexibility research team has been a European leader in helping companies capture opportunities in fast-moving flexibility markets since 2015.

Electricity generation is moving from large, centralised polluting stations to renewable generation, which is often smaller and more distributed. At the same time heating and transport is becoming increasingly electrified. Forecasting and managing imbalances between supply and demand has become one of the greatest challenges of the energy transition. However, this challenge also creates opportunity and the need for flexibility has never been greater.  

Our in-depth research of these complex and dynamic markets enables companies to: 

  • Identify, understand and track how opportunities for flexibility are developing across Europe and who is capturing these opportunities.
  • Understand the regulatory and legal accessibility of ancillary service across 30 European countries.
  • Identify revenue potential using transmission system operator level price, volume and spend data.
  • Generate propositions harnessing emerging value opportunities.
  • Identify and evolve strategic partnerships across the flexibility value chain for all customer segments and asset types.

Our flexibility research enables service users to develop a clear, consistent and detailed understanding of the opportunities from flexibility across its different business areas and identify the right actions to take. 

All service users receive data, analysis, insight and opinion accessed via our subscriber portal in addition to support from our expert teams. 

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