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Power markets

Short-term trading and analytics

Short-term power trading across Europe is entering a new era of complexity. 

Renewable penetration, interconnection and algorithmic trading are changing the fundamental dynamics of short-term power markets. Power traders need to make decisions quickly in an increasingly volatile market, while analysts must cut through larger and more diverse datasets to build a clear picture. Moreover, an increasingly diverse group of industry stakeholders, such as network operators, flexibility providers and investors need to understand how the evolving short-term power markets impact them.

We provide our clients with cutting edge technology, detailed research and bespoke consultancy to help them stay ahead of the changes in short term power markets. 

At the heart of our power trading service is our Enact™ platform.

Enact™ is a market-leading data integration and analytics platform designed for the GB and European short-term power markets. By integrating, cleaning and normalising data across markets and geographies into one space, we provide traders, analysts and the wider energy sector with a single source for power market intelligence, used 24/7 across GB and Europe.

Enact™ empowers users to more quickly to analyse, forecast and take action across multiple markets through customisable interfaces, intelligent querying, intuitive visualisations, real-time alerting and live AI-powered forecasts of renewable generation, imbalance and prices.

Our regular market updates also support a wider range of stakeholders by keeping them up to date with market changes. We provide regular analysis of how markets are evolving, insight into key market and price trends, analysis of asset behaviour, and deep dives into company and asset performance.

Our power trading consultancy services provide you with bespoke support in navigating the dynamics of fast-moving power markets. From understanding the landscape of trading strategies and markets available to a particular asset, to providing the system operator with the analysis of battery storage skip rates in the balancing mechanism, we can leverage our access to millions of live data points each day to provide clear, concise answers.

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