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Energy storage

We help clients across the full energy storage value chain, enabling them to build a successful storage business, from market entry through to operation. 

Our unique approach combines ongoing research into policy, regulation, markets and competitors with our market-leading modelling and data visualisation tools.

We can help our clients determine the right markets to target and when, understand the developing value chain, identify bankable revenue streams, forecast revenue stack developments, and assess performance and optimisation effectiveness.

We work with investors, lenders, utilities, generators, traders, asset owners, and developers. 

We provide support through:

Consulting and advisory support

Helping clients identify which countries to target, which value streams are open, accessible and stackable, by when and with what technology. We can use our data to identify partnership opportunities or provide benchmarking and to develop company strategy or business planning. We offer bottom up, detailed revenue forecasts of BESS assets to inform financing and strategic decision-making. We forecast wholesale, balancing, ancillary and capacity revenues over a range of scenarios and simulations, and assess the impact of technical characteristics, operating profiles, location and co-location on these revenues.

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Energy storage research service

Our subscription service provides data, analysis and opinion that enable you to identify, understand and harness the growing opportunities in European markets.

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Our intuitive data platform for European BESS projects provides you with an unparalleled data granularity on over 3,000 projects. Users can track aggregate trends across countries; deep dive into specific projects and identify owners, optimisers, financiers, grid connections and planning status; access company portfolios to map the competitive landscape and identify business development opportunities; export aggregate data and graphics.

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STOREcast allows you to access bankable revenue projections and understand the impact of asset parameters on future revenue without delay, to enable site specification, investment analysis and budgeting. 

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Enact™ is the market leading platform for short-term power market intelligence. We bring together information on asset behaviour, market conditions, renewable forecasts, imbalance monitoring and live trading prices and surface this data in a uniquely customisable interface to provide users with a single platform for pan-European power market intelligence.

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