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Energy storage research

It’s an exciting time to be in the energy storage markets - more value streams are opening, electricity systems are decentralising and technology costs continue to fall. But it is not an even picture across Europe, and understanding where and what are the best opportunities is a complex and dynamic challenge.

Our Energy Storage Research Service is based on our many years of proprietary primary research in Europe. It helps subscribers understand the current and future market landscape for energy storage in Europe, the technologies landscape and outlook and what successful business cases for storage in Europe look like.

Our Energy Storage Research Service is built on our ongoing primary research with leading stakeholders in the European storage sector – LCP Delta has been undertaking primary research and building our proprietary databases on energy storage since 2016.

Our service addresses subscribers’ questions on the following topic areas:

Energy storage market landscape

  • What does the energy storage value chain look like?
  • Which countries are the most attractive markets for energy storage and which are emerging as promising for the future? What is driving this?
  • How quickly are markets growing in the different market segments and where is it going?
  • Which companies are leading the storage market?
  • Who are the key developers in each European market?

Technology landscape

  • When will other technologies beyond Li-ion get traction in the market?
  • In what applications would that be, where and why?
  • What types of energy storage are being installed in Europe now and how will this mix evolve?
  • Who are the companies offering alternative forms of energy storage?

Energy storage business case

  • Which companies are leading European storage markets and what can be learned from their success?
  • How is the business case for commercial and industrial clients developing?

All service users will receive data, analysis, insight and opinion accessed via our subscriber portal in addition to support from our expert teams.

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