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Clean hydrogen will establish itself as a new vector within the global energy system as a form of energy storage or a clean fuel for hard-to-decarbonise applications. But where, when and how remain unanswered questions.

We developed HYbase to help our clients track the latest updates for green hydrogen projects across Europe in a centralised, easy-to-use platform.

Through our system modelling we quantify the role for electrolysis and clean hydrogen in power systems. We answer questions on the potential for clean hydrogen in use cases ranging from power generation through to transportation or space heating in buildings based on our expertise in policy, economics and customers. 

We provide support through:

Consulting and advisory support

We support decisions on strategy and investment through our power market analysis, forecasting and hydrogen cluster modelling, including asset sizing and optimisation advice. Whether you’re working within an electricity network and want to understand the role that hydrogen and electrolysers can play in balancing the grid, or as a strategic analyst looking for deep sector insight and knowledge to understand how the value chain is developing, we will work with you to find the answers.

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Hydrogen Intelligence Service

Our subscription service provides regular data, analysis, reports and insight into how, when and where demand for clean hydrogen is developing in Europe. We examine the policies, regulations and incentives that are supporting growth in clean hydrogen markets, as well as the sectors, industrial applications and end-use applications where this growth will occur. We track and evaluate the players who are leading the development of the green hydrogen value chain.

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This portal includes over 800 up to date projects, with in-depth information on a project level basis to support your business development (including details on stakeholders, planning stage and investment). The tool also provides market trends based on the announced project pipeline, including an offtaker analysis.

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Masterclasses and training

We provide masterclasses and training tailored to the level of knowledge required by your team, ranging from the role of hydrogen within the energy transition through to detailed analysis of the clean hydrogen supply chain from production through to storage and distribution and into the end-use markets.

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