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Power Insights

LCP Delta’s Power Insights service delivers cutting-edge market insights in the power and energy sector, meeting the evolving needs of industry participants and policymakers. Trusted by financial institutions, energy companies, and governments, this subscription service combines LCP Delta’s renowned power sector modelling, short-term market intelligence, and policy advice. 

Clients gain actionable insights for critical decision-making through regular updates, detailed reports, and direct access to our experts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

LCP Delta’s Power Insights service provides clients with a comprehensive analysis of the UK and European power markets. Through regular reports on key news and events in the power and gas markets, our experts ensure clients stay informed about policy, industry developments, investments, markets, and regulations in both GB and Europe.

Our full service includes the following reports, with tailored packages available to meet specific client needs:

Market Forecasts – Power Price Projections

This dataset and report provide projections of wholesale power prices up to 2050, renewable capture prices, and bankable revenue curves.

Market Forecasts – Non-Commodity Costs

This report offers a five-year forecast of non-commodity charges, which represent a significant portion of the energy bill.

Market Frameworks

Expert insights into key news and events in the power and gas markets, covering policy, industry developments, markets, and regulation.

Market Operations

Cutting-edge analysis of what’s happening on the ground, including asset revenue analysis, fleet summaries, and deep dives into balancing and frequency markets.

Investment and Commercial Insights

Analysis of investment trends and news specific to the energy transition, along with high-level commercial insights into the most significant companies in the UK power sector.

By subscribing to our Power Insights service, clients gain a strategic advantage with reliable data, expert insights, and a user-friendly platform, supporting their business and policy objectives in the rapidly evolving energy landscape.

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