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Energy transition

Market insights and technology deployment outlook

In the coming decades vast amounts of energy technologies and services will be deployed in residential, commercial and industrial buildings on the way to achieving net zero. The companies offering these technologies will need to adapt to market demand by innovating and evolving the ways in which they sell and package their solutions. 

We support clients seize this opportunity by providing insights and support to develop your strategy and portfolio development. We help you identify the most attractive technologies and business models to offer, and the right markets and customers to target. We work across the energy landscape, meaning we can provide insights from heating decarbonisation to energy insights to EV charging and more.

LCP Delta has been immersed in the European energy industry for 20 years and brings a strong understanding of how these markets have developed and continue to grow.

We are exceptionally well-placed to help you understand how low carbon technology markets are developing and shape your strategies to adapt to this growing opportunity. 

We support clients in several ways, providing: 

  • Technology uptake forecasts, including both near term (to 2030) and long term (to 2050) in different countries.
  • Deep understanding of the impact policy and regulation will have on markets and the future deployment of technology.
  • Customer and installer insights.
  • Business model analysis and proposition support.
  • Building stock analysis and techno-economic modelling.
  • Competitor analysis and partnership screening to support both short- and long-term strategy.
  • Advice on how you can best position yourself. 

Drawing on our data and deep insights from across Europe, we help our clients understand the potential size of the market opportunity, the timing of this opportunity, and which customer segments and markets will be demanding these solutions. Our compelling insights on routes to market and the value chain, as well as the technologies, solutions and business models which will be needed, can be fundamental in helping you develop successful and evidence-led strategies. 

Our advice and insights span across heating appliances, EV charging, home energy management, solar PV and batteries, distributed power technologies and flexibility. 

There are increasing numbers of players in this space and we work with a wide range of clients including manufacturers, energy retailers, service providers, installers and finance providers. 

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