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Energy transition

Due diligence

We support investors to create value from investments and divestments in the energy transition using our sector expertise and experience.

Our vast datasets and deep insights across the energy transition space allow us to add value through the deal process by offering: market insight, technology forecasts, market, project & business valuations, policy & technology assessments, and economic modelling.

We can help with due diligence, on the buy-side or sell-side, addressing questions such as: 

  • What is the competitive landscape? 
  • How will the market grow? 
  • What is the size of the addressable market?
  • How well placed is the company to grow sales and revenue? 
  • How will policy and regulation influence the market outlook?
  • What market drivers and barriers will influence success? 

When working on the buy-side, we can also support you through strategy development to maximise post-deal value creation.

Investors commonly ask us to focus our due diligence support on the following topics:

Market sizing & opportunities

An assessment of the market size and opportunities facing the investment target: a market overview, market drivers and growth forecasts. Examples have included assessment of upstream (generation and storage) assets, the retrofit market including energy efficiency measures, heating, solar PV, battery storage systems, EV charging and Home Energy Management (HEM) markets.

Competitive analysis

A detailed assessment of the investment target’s overall product or service capability, identifying strategic advantages over competitors (along with advice about how to protect and enhance them) or competitive weaknesses (along with the associated advice on closing the gap).

Policy & regulatory landscape

We track policy and regulation across Europe and across all low carbon technology markets, including HEMs, EV charging, heating, storage, flexibility, distributed generation. We provide a detailed analysis of current, published and potential legislation and regulation that could impact the target investment.

Strategic vision

We work with investors to develop a range of visions for how markets and companies can evolve. This helps inform an investor’s strategic growth plans for targets they are looking at and build confidence in the growth rates and future revenue potential of companies being invested in.

Business & revenue modelling

Advising investors and their targets on additional opportunities to leverage or build on their existing services and capabilities, as well as assessing the threats to their existing services from innovations such as subscription models, lease-and-fee, or as-a-Service models.

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