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Distribution networks

We work with electricity and gas network operators to help them explore and tackle the challenges and opportunities that the energy transition brings to energy networks. We explore how energy networks can facilitate electrification, renewables and the emergence of hydrogen.

Our holistic approach brings together expertise from across the energy transition value chain, including customers and electrification, energy communities, flexibility and storage, and power markets. Together with our detailed network expertise, we support our clients to understand, plan and respond to the profound changes that the energy transition is bringing to networks. 

We support distribution network operators in the following ways:

Network and network asset optimisation

We use advanced machine learning tools to model the cost and operational impacts of different demand and generation scenarios, regulatory changes and flexibility deployment on electricity and gas networks.

Strategic asset investment and business planning

We apply our technology and data tools to support specific long-term investment and business planning via our deep market insight and scenario-building expertise.

Policy and economic impact analysis

Our economic analysis can help you understand the impacts of policy and regulatory decisions on the energy system and on your assets.

Designing and developing innovative solutions

We help you explore, develop and deliver innovative DSO and flexibility solutions for your networks.

Developing energy transition knowledge and expertise

We support your teams with whole-energy system training, enabling a holistic perspective on the different aspects of the energy transition, how they are developing and how they impact distribution networks. 

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