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Energy transition

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The energy transition is here, and it is fundamentally changing how power markets operate.

Power systems are evolving rapidly. Traditional centralised power generation is increasingly being complemented by, or replaced by, renewable, flexible and storage assets. Countries are becoming more interconnected to ensure resilience, while consumers are becoming more empowered to drive generator behaviour, through responding to price and carbon signals. New markets are being developed to support system stability, capacity and renewable generation, introducing complexity to strategic and operational decisions.

We support our clients in understanding how the rapid changes in power markets will impact market evolution, policy, investment cases and trading operations.

Short term trading & analytics

We provide our clients with cutting edge technology, detailed research and bespoke consultancy to help them stay ahead of the changes in short term power markets. 

Net zero power market evolution

From governments and regulators to investors and asset owners, we support stakeholders in understanding how power markets will evolve and what opportunities that will bring by using our suite of proprietary power market models. 

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