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Energy transition

Distributed power research

As more intermittent renewables are added into our electricity mix, ensuring system flexibility and resiliency has become a priority to prevent outages. Flexible, dispatchable energy such as gas engine power plants are part of the solution to integrate these intermittent resources. 

Our Distributed Power Service has been providing industry-leading insights, data and forecasts on the global distributed power market for over 10 years. Subscribers have access to in-depth data, analysis, insights and opinion on the markets, opportunities, customer types and applications of gas engines for over 25 countries, accounting for >80% of the global market for stationary power gas engines.

The Distributed Power Service helps organisations, including gas engine manufacturers, CHP packagers and energy suppliers, to be successful in global gas engine markets.

Our research is a market-leading set of resources that:

  • Helps you make the best strategic decisions on which countries to focus your sales efforts
  • Allows identification of the most promising energy user segments and applications, so that you can best focus your sales efforts
  • Provides an evidence base to understand your organisation’s business positioning on a global and country-level scale and to react as appropriate
  • Informs and supports planning for effective market entry in emerging distributed power applications
  • Helps you understand the role of green hydrogen in the power generation market

The research addresses questions including:

  • Which countries have the biggest market opportunities now?
  • Which customer segments should we focus our sales on, in which countries?
  • How well positioned are we – on a national, regional and global level?
  • What are the emerging opportunities that we should focus on?
  • How will markets develop in the future, and what are the key factors affecting this?
  • How has the 2022 energy price crisis affected commercial and industrial investability into new gas engine projects?
  • What are the opportunities for gas engines in data centres?
  • What are the opportunities for gas engines in microgrids?
  • How will an evolution towards a hydrogen fuelled economy impact the gas engine market?
  • How will emission regulations shape the distributed power market in the future?
  • What are the opportunities for gas engines as distributed energy and renewables grow?

All service users will receive data, analysis, insight and opinion accessed via our subscriber portal in addition to support from our expert teams.

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