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Women's football

Women’s football is experiencing rapid growth in popularity, attracting new fans, players, other professional staff, commercial partners and investors. We aim to support the sustainable growth of women’s football through our market-leading technology solutions, financial analysis services, and promotional activities.

We understand that women’s football organisations often face very specific challenges – and the services, organisational structures and tools which have proven to be successful in the men’s game are not always optimal for the women’s game.

We offer services to clubs, governing bodies, and investors operating within women’s football

Our TransferLab platform became the first comprehensive data-scouting platform for women’s football when it was launched in 2021. It has been used by a significant number of women’s teams across the world, including a European Champions League Winner, an English Women’s Super League winner and teams both inside and outside of the top division in their domestic leagues.

TransferLab’s machine learning algorithm provides insights into the current and potential future performances of women’s players in over 30 women’s leagues worldwide. The algorithm identifies the particular skills that are valuable within women’s football to assess players’ abilities.  

TransferLab reduces the time required to identify targets and opens up new leagues which cannot be easily covered by traditional scouting methods – this can be particularly valuable for teams who have access to relatively limited resources.

We also work with our Covenant and Financial Analysis team to support potential investors in women’s football clubs in assessing the financial health of those organisations and in understanding the landscape in which these clubs operate. We remain up-to-date with the developing regulatory and governance landscape, seeking to influence positive change.

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