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Sports finance and governance

We help governing bodies, clubs and other sports organisations understand the financial strength of their own organisations and other related organisations.

With ever-increasing focus within sport on better governance and more regulation, our expertise in these areas allow us to support clubs in developing more effective financial planning, governance, reporting and action.

We also support investors looking to invest in or transition out of sporting club ownership - in analysing, understanding and presenting the financial position of the target club.

We have strong financial analysis capabilities, allowing us to support the analysis and clear presentation of financial information. 

We provide proportionate and insightful monitoring solutions, as well as one-off advice to support strategic decisions.

We have a large team of financial experts, who have experience working across a vast range of industries. Working in conjunction with the specialist Sport Analytics team, we ensure that our advice is suitably tailored to the particular sport organisation we are advising.

Understanding financial strength and risks is fundamental to making decisions relating to governance and investment in sport. Through rigorous analysis and clear advice, we empower regulators, clubs, potential investors, governing bodies and fans to make better decisions.

Through our publications, activities and discussions with key stakeholders, we aim to be a significant positive influence on governance standards and financial sustainability within sport, particularly men’s and women’s football.

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