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Data-driven player recruitment software that can help you predict future performance, identify talent early and find optimal replacements.

TransferLab uses event data from every match, including every pass, tackle and shot, to identify the contribution and characteristics of each player. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, the platform rates players across a wide range of metrics to help identify transfer targets across over 100,000 players globally.

How it works

TransferLab is an advanced online player data-scouting platform which helps clubs identify recruitment targets quickly and easily. Using event data from around over 100 men's leagues and 30 women's leagues from around the world, it covers over 100,000 male and over 15,000 female players.

It assesses each player’s past performance and predicts their future performance, based on a Markov chain machine learning model which assesses how each interaction during a game impacts the likelihood of that player’s team scoring the next goal. 

We believe TransferLab is the most sophisticated tool of its kind available to clubs and agencies in the market today. Our model has many similarities to the recruitment model developed by the in-house analytics team at Liverpool FC, which has received notable acclaim in the media. 

TransferLab is currently used globally by over 30 football clubs, agencies and other organisations in 12 countries across four continents to accelerate the scouting process.

TransferLab information is available via a user-friendly online platform. Key features include: 

  • Quality scores: quality rating for each and every player on the platform, based on their performance in matches during a user-specified period (from the last month up to three years)
  • Custom metric profiles: users can rank players against their own specified skillset, see the video below to see how it works.
  • Team-based performance scalars: using statistically derived club strength ratings provides directly comparable rankings for players who play against teams of differing strengths.
  • Age curves: projections of future performance. Read more about this feature here
  • Best XI: quickly identify the best player(s) in every position from any of the leagues included in the platform. See how this works in the video below.
  • Compare players: clear visuals allow quick comparisons between players by skillsets. See how this works in the video below.
  • Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) points calculator: instantly see where players may fall under the GBE criteria agreed between the FA and Home Office, for player eligibility to play in England
  • Find similar: see how this works in the video below.

Alternatively, TransferLab information can be accessed via an API, for use within your own modelling and tools.

TransferLab is a collaboration between LCP and Analytics FC, a football consultancy which seeks to assist football organisations through provision of advice, software and data services. This partnership sees Analytics FC’s in-depth knowledge and experience of professional football fuse with LCP’s modelling expertise and proven skill in presenting advanced analysis in a user-friendly and interactive way.

The TransferLab Player Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

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