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Medical and public affairs

Ageing populations, living with more multi-morbid diseases, combined with constrained healthcare budgets, are placing unprecedented demand on our modern-day health systems. At the same time, inequalities in outcomes across populations are worsening in many parts of the globe.

As key partners to the system, it is critical that life sciences can cut through this complexity and bridge the gap between their business priorities and the needs of their healthcare system stakeholders.

We empower medical and public affairs teams to identify and act on opportunities for health system transformation, as well as communicate the value your intervention can bring to the health challenges faced today, and the challenges of tomorrow.

Health system leaders are dealing with ever-growing complex challenges

As medical, scientific and public affairs leaders it is critical that you can communicate the value of your intervention within this context. As well, aligning the priorities of your business with those of your key stakeholders is crucial.

We help our clients bridge the gap between life sciences and the healthcare system – empowering medical and public affairs teams with proven strategic expertise and tools to engage and drive change.

We use our analytic strengths to cut through the noise of large health data sets to identify the insights that are most relevant for decision making. Together with our team’s deep expertise, this means we can support to generate compelling evidence and translate it into meaningful change. In the context of ever-changing policy and regulation, we stay on top of key market trends and can provide you with assurance on your planned activities.

We lead the market in identifying solutions for tomorrow’s challenges for patients, health systems and our clients

We work with our medical and public affairs clients across three key areas: 

  • Data visualisation and bespoke dashboards: Using our expertise in informatics, data engineering and web development to integrate and visualise diverse real world datasets to support engagement and decision making.
  • Compelling communications: Leveraging our vast clinical and scientific experience to generate persuasive engagement pieces, including manuscripts, abstracts and presentations, to help you engage and influence the wider scientific and medical community.
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy and execution: Combining innovative approaches with our network of partners and collaborators to help you identify and act on opportunities to drive change to improve population health which are also aligned with your business objectives.

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