Reducing health
inequalities across the healthcare system


We are a mission-driven company. Supporting our clients to achieve equitable health outcomes is a golden thread throughout our work. We combine our expertise to translate evidence into change.

Vast inequities in health outcomes persist in our society; the gap in life expectancy between small geographies in England has increased to 21 years in women and 27 years in men. There are even larger differences when looking at life expectancy across countries, from 87 years in Monaco to 53 years in Central African Republic. When it comes to access to medicine and good healthcare, inequalities are also present and far-reaching.

Whilst achieving equitable outcomes is an immense, multi-faceted challenge, we believe that the life science sector has a key role to play. Indeed, this is one of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s (NICE) core principles and there has been increasing commitment and rhetoric to the cause across the sector.

We work with our clients to navigate this complex issue, finding tractable solutions to have real impact.

NHS waiting list tracker

NHS waiting list tracker

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Explore our interactive tracker to see how waiting lists for NHS services vary across England.

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Applying population health analytics to help reduce inequalities in health and health outcomes

Combining our analytical strengths with our teams’ policy expertise means we can support in generating compelling evidence and translating this into meaningful change.

Specifically, we help our clients move the needle on health inequalities in three key ways:

  1. From inclusive clinical trials to valuing a medicine based on its wider societal value, we work with life science companies to embed tackling health inequalities across the innovation life cycle.
  2. On access to innovation, we use our analytical expertise to quantify current inequalities in access to healthcare. We then leverage our modelling capabilities to paint a vision of the future, quantifying the health and societal benefit of addressing these.
  3. Finally, we engage with the wider health and care sector, including policymakers and health system leaders, to help improve overall population health and prioritise resources effectively.

This work supports our clients to place health equity at the heart of what they do.

The life science sector has often been at the forefront of innovation in population health improvements. Now is the opportunity for the sector to continue pioneering its contribution to society, levelling-up inequalities and enabling health-driven prosperity.


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We integrate a wealth of health and health-related datasets and develop bespoke interactive visualisations to make it accessible and rapid for clients to glean insights across a range of areas.

Multimorbidity, living with two or more conditions is one of the biggest challenges facing patients and health systems today. We leverage real world datasets and innovative approaches to generate evidence that identifies patient groups with the greatest unmet needs in a more holistic manner that reflects the drivers of ill health.

We understand  that developing a comprehensive Real-World Evidence (RWE) strategy is not just a necessity, but a game-changer for life science companies. Leveraging our deep expertise, we help our clients develop holistic strategies that plan for all RWE needs across all stages of the medicine lifecycle.

We apply scientific rigour to evaluate the economic and clinical value of healthcare interventions using both traditional and innovative perspectives and methods.

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